Front Fence Ideas 2008

Just moved in or need to reinvent your home? Here are some ideas of how to freshen up your homes exterior with a front fence or gate. Here are some of the more traditional popular gates and fences that will do the trick.

Picket Fencing

It might be the most traditional but it’s also the most popular for front yards. Picket fences are usually around 3-foot-high and are usually planted for decorative reasons over security ones. They are well suited to front yards because apply to codes, aren’t too destructive to neighbour yet add a decorative flourish.
Picket fencing was popular during the colonial times where a dooryard garden was enclosed by a fence that was intended to keep the wildlife out. The original fencing was wooden but now many people choose vinyl as it’s lower in maintenance and does need to be repainted.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought Iron’s transparent yet decorative nature makes it an appealing front yard option. This is a great option for a welcoming yet formal front garden, the style is timeless yet create a presence.
This design has been popular since the 19th century Industrial Revolution when it became cheaper to manufacture iron goods. Iron is durable and strong, perfect for security because it’s hard to cut or knock down but won’t block visibility. If you’re worried about rusting try aluminium, it’s the lower maintenance option.

Privacy Fence

Although sometimes prohibited by local authorities a tall fence can be the best option of if you want privacy. Many people feel they can’t use their front yard because it’s not private but a high built fence can allow you to reclaim the area, this is perfect for people who want a more secure surrounding you’re their kids or want to use the front garden like most would their back area.

Keeping a distance between the curb and the fence can allow you to add planets and flowers, so it looks less uninviting and stern. Many people choose Japanese inspired pagoda designs for a more modern and softened look.

Driveway Gates

If you plan to build a fence around your property it is likely you will need a driveway gate. These gates provide security yet easy access for your property plus an eye-catching design can be a great focal point. There is a huge amount of different types of gates that come in different styles, with different openings and attachments that will match every style of house and every user need. Driveways can have lots of different types of paving and lighting so everyone can have personalized their own.

Fencing Corner Lots

Property’s based on corners can be difficult because more perimeter of the property is visible, it’s almost like having two front yards in terms of visibility. The solution may be to construct a fence across the corner section of the yard, this will create a small public garden and a larger private garden. Because this is a very public view it’s a great opportunity to have a beautifully designed fence and well-groomed perennials.

Interest in DIY Fencing?

Check out the below video on the process of doing your own front fence install.

Modern Wood Fence Installation

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