How To Choose Proper Fencing Material And Design

When the time comes time to build your fence for your property, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the options available to you, this is both in terms of design and materials. These two factors are closely related, so often times, the choice of one quite influences the choice which is made of the other.

Also in the planning phase of constructing a fence, or contracting a professional to build the fence for you, many homeowners usually consider the following:

Form, this is a stylistic consideration.

Function, this has to do with the purpose the fence will serve.

Here are some tips which would help you in making a very good decision to choose the fencing material that will meet your goals and desire.

How much do you value your privacy?

If your windows at home are quite revealing and you do not want to give too many prying eyes nice times, then you may probably want your fence to give you a little more privacy. To restrict the view into your yard, a timber fence may be the best material option. If the timber pickets are placed together at close range. The disadvantage of wood or timber, however, is not surprising, it will block your vision of the environment or neighborhood, while giving your home an inaccessible or unapproachable appearance. Especially true if the timber fencing supplies used to contruct the fence completely surround your property. When too much timber fencing is used, it can be a put off; so much that it even reduces the resale value of the home.

Any livestock on the property?

A fence can help protect your animals, or those nearby, while they have room to walk and explore their environment, or, while in the case of chickens, they’re free to, as usual, eat, eat and eat. To keep your animals protected and safe on your property, steel or wire mesh is majorly the most effective of the fencing materials used. While the animals may not chew through the metal easily, the fence must extend to the ground and must be supported by strong poles which are properly buried in the ground to avoid burrowing or digging underneath.

Do you need the fence for safety purposes?

You could have a pool and do not want it to be a danger to the children around, or you don’t want it to be an open invitation for unwanted guests. While the laws may be strict in Australia and its territories for instance, in your state it may be flexible, but there are several other legal requirements you must meet, and they vary from state to state. So you must seek the law and satisfy it. For swimming pools, Sturdy tubular steel is the most commonly used fencing material. Safety pool fences and enclosures must comply with the safety requirements of the International Code Council (ICC).

Do you need to keep intruders or wildlife away?

Kangaroos are one of the bushland creatures which are easily found around urban areas where there are delightful and tasteful lawns and fresh source of water. Although they are friendly and rarely attack humans, it is advisable to fence all or part of your property to restrict them from your kids or lawn.

Says Craig from PVC fencing; a fencing contractor Brisbane, who has been installing a range of PVC fencing, chain wire, timber and Colourbond fencing throughout Queesnland for the past 2 decades.

For this purpose, PVC fencing material is majorly the most effective fencing type, and the fence requires strong angles to keep the animals or other intruders away.

Choose a height

Once you’ve discovered the purpose of the fencing, it will help you to determine the height of the fence you want to build. If your fence is to beautify your home and its landscape, it should only be around 1 and 2 feet tall. For those whose fence is built to allow more privacy and security, they must be between 5 and 6 feet tall.

To determine the height of the fence, you should also consult your city codes and the Property Owners Association of Australia (POAA) if your area has any. In most cities, the height of the fences is limited to about 10 meters or 6 feet, but the rules of the HOA vary. The HOA may also have specifications on the type of material or color to be used. So it is important to consult the necessary authorities, this will allow you to make the best decision and be on the safe side,

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