Innovative Design and Adaptable Living can appear in the same sentence…

Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson has written a great piece on adaptable living and housing for our “older citizens” – a relevant topic considering our aging population and the changing face of the over 45 demographics. The article features T&G’s Coal Point house, and here we pay tribute to our fabulous clients who helped us make this project such a success.

My paper and presentation will be uploaded very soon, as well as being accessible on Continuum, the online CPD portal from the Australian Institute of Architects. The positioning of practice is crucial to the future of architecture and it is important that diverse modes of practice are fostered. On some levels I’ve actually moved my thinking along a little bit from what I presented in July, although one cannot underestimate the potential of the embedded practice models evident in Europe, and also evident here in North America, where I am presently travelling.

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