PVC Fencing for Modern Homes

If you are looking to install fencing for your modern home, look no further than PVC fencing. PVC fencing, also known as vinyl fencing is an exceptional choice for the modern home, especially if you have a busy lifestyle and have very little time for maintenance. 

While there is no dearth of traditional fencing options like iron, chain-link and wood, PVC fencing has become extremely popular over the past few years. PVC fences are long-lasting and stand the test of time beautifully. 

pvc fencing

They are not susceptible to termite infestation, rot or corrosion. What’s more, PVC is about 5x stronger than wood. You won’t have to worry about replacing rotten posts, fence rails or pickets either.


PVC fencing is generally super easy to maintain and that’s their biggest benefit. It is also the biggest reason why PVC is the material of choice in modern homes. If you want a fencing system that you can forget about after installation, PVC fencing looks amazing and wont fade. PVC fences are recyclable, UV resistant and retain their colour for years. 

With PVC fencing, you get the aesthetics of a wooden picket fence without the aftercare. What’s more, its also is less toxic. While wooden fencing can fade over time, PVC fences stand their own in all seasons and keep looking like new for years. You won’t have to repaint them ever as they never fade or chip. 

Vinyl fences don’t stain and the surface doesnt scratch easily. They are quite easy to clean as well. The most you have to do is hose it down occasionally. Vinyl is non-porous in nature, so if the fence gets dirty, simply hose it down and you’re done. It’s also an excellent solution if you have kids or pets; you won’t have to worry about damages like splinters like you would with wooden fencing.

Although mould, algae or mildew may begin to grow on a PVC fence, especially if the system is installed near a sprinkler. However, the good news is that cleaning all that stains is a walk in the park. Just hose down the fence to remove most of the stain. Next, scrub the fence using dish soap before rinsing it down to reveal an almost new surface. 

Designs and Styles

In the bygone era, wooden fencing was the classic choice. PVC fencing are a more stylish alternative and are available in a range of designs. 

Whether you are looking for tall privacy fencing that blocks slight lines or picket-style fencing that have gaps between the slats, you can find PVC fencing in a style that suits your requirements. 

You can even add accents like decorative post caps, latticed top or scalloped top and more. Some vinyl fences are designed to resemble the look and style of ornate iron fences with rounded, narrow slats and pointed tops. 

When it comes to size, the most common options are 1.8m and 2.0m fences. However, shorter or taller options are also available. However, be sure to check with your local council to ensure you are complying with local regulations and rules pertaining to fencing. 

pvc fencing

PVC fencing is most popular in white but is available in other colours depending on the supplier. Whether you are looking for a white picket fence, green slat fencing or any other colour to match the colour of your home, you are spoilt for choice. What’s more, the PVC can be textured to look like other materials like stucco and wood. 

Installing Vinyl Fencing

PVC fencing is affordable and super easy to install. Rails, posts and pickets are made to exact specifications, which does away with the need to measure or cut them. Put simply, they come ready to install. 

Although a DIY installation is possible, it requires certain skills to be able to handle vinyl fence installation. Vinyl fencing generally comes in a kit containing interlocking pieces. Short picket fences are a breeze to install compared to tall fences. 

For picket fencing, you simply have to install anchor pipes to the ground using a sledgehammer, add the posts over the pipes and install the pickets and rails. However, when it comes to taller installations, you will need specialised equipment. 

For best results, vinyl fence installation is best left to a professional vinyl fencing company. 

Given that you need to dig the soil out, vinyl fencing must not be installed when the ground is frozen. The installation typically takes one to two days depending on the area you are covering. One of the biggest hurdles with installing vinyl fencing is managing utility lines, trees and structures. That’s why vinyl fencing must be installed by professionals. 

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